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Jesse Marsch hits out at Leeds unrest reports

Jesse Marsch hits out at Leeds unrest reports

Jesse Marsch has hit out at claims that Leeds players have turned on him.

The American coach is under pressure with Leeds just above the Premier League relegation zone but has denied reports that members of the team have lost faith in him.

Speaking after Leeds beat Cardiff in a FA Cup replay on Wednesday (18.01.23), Marsch said: "I know it's hard for everybody to be patient and I come into the spotlight if we're not getting results.

"I want to try and find a way for our fans, for our club, for everyone to keep their belief in this team because I see them [the players] every day, I see their work ethic. I see their commitment to each other.

"Even this report that comes out, the 'BS' that some of the players are against me, is just awful, just awful. We are united, we are together, we are doing everything we can as a group."

Marsch can accept being the brunt of criticism but is certain that his team are improving and will escape the drop.

He said: "We are all harbouring the responsibility, especially me. And we believe in ourselves and we know we are going to get better.

"I know I've taken a lot of criticism and in some cases rightly so, but I've felt internally we are moving in the right direction."

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