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Tommy Fury tipped for world title glory

Tommy Fury tipped for world title glory

Tommy Fury has been tipped to become a world champion boxer.

UFC heavyweight star Tom Aspinall has trained with Fury in the past and thinks that he can emulate his brother Tyson by becoming one of the world's top fighters.

Aspinall told Sky Sports News: "Tommy was really young at the time - I think he was probably 16, 17 - and I was just doing some sparring at the gym where he trained. So I've known Tommy for a long time.

"Do I think he can go on and become a world champion? Yeah. He's young, he's 23. I'm sure with another five, six years' training under his belt, he could push on and do that kind of stuff."

Fury recently beat YouTuber Jake Paul in a high-profile bout in Saudi Arabia and Aspinal can understand if he is attracted by the riches of taking on other social media stars.

He said: "It depends what he wants to do, the ball's kind of in his court at the moment.

"But fair play to him for making money. Go and make money if you can. I wouldn't be turning that money down. I'd be doing exactly what he's doing so fair play to him."

Aspinall enjoyed the fight between Fury and Paul but thinks that both men were affected by being in the spotlight for the clash.

He said: "I enjoyed his fight. They're not novices. I guess they are, like, intermediate or whatever.

"To be fighting with that skill level in such a high-pressure situation... I think that probably affected them a little bit. I'm sure they have the skills to take each other out under different circumstances. If it was on a local show, or whatever, I'm sure they would have got the stoppage.

"They probably just got a bit keen when they shouldn't have got a bit keen or maybe the opposite, maybe they froze up when the finish was there or whatever. It's a really high-pressure situation for the amount of fights that they've both had. Fair play to them."

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