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Avram Grant wants to 'bring Europe to Africa'

Avram Grant wants to 'bring Europe to Africa'

Avram Grant wants to “bring Europe to Africa”.

The 68-year-old coach is currently in charge of the Zambia national side and was previously at the helm of Ghana, and while the domestic league he can select home-grown players from is “exciting”, he admitted the infrastructure isn’t as well developed as it is in other parts of the world.

He told World Soccer magazine: “First, it’s not a secret that in Europe there is better football than in Africa. But having said that, the league here in Zambia is very exciting – people are passionate about it.

“But you have different levels. For example, the quality of pitches in the fourth division of the Netherlands is better than in Africa.

“Education of coaches is another factor, coaches are very keen to learn, but there are not many opportunities to do so.

“Backroom staff, the medical department, individual training, all of this is lacking.

“Even in Europe, I think they can be even better, but it’s better than Africa for sure.

“I enjoyed watching the league in Africa, especially the passion, but we all know the best players are in Europe.

“We need now to bring Europe to Africa, to force a situation where there are pitches, good staff, and also education.”

And Avram is hoping to be instrumental in making his vision a reality.

He added: “I can tell you a secret; we are planning to do just this in Zambia together with the president of the football association.

“Even at my age, I’m always looking for the possibility to be better.”

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