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Luis Rubiales hit with restraining order banning him from contacting or approaching Jenni Hermoso

Luis Rubiales hit with restraining order banning him from contacting or approaching Jenni Hermoso

Luis Rubiales has been hit with a restraining order that bans him from contacting or going near Jenni Hermoso.

The order was imposed against the 46-year-old on Friday (15.09.23) by a judge today after an hour-long hearing at the Audiencia Nacional court in Madrid over his kiss to the World Cup-winning player, 33, on 20 August which sparked outrage.

Spain's former FA president was banned from coming within 200 meters of Hermoso or trying to communicate with her.

He was at the centre of a request from prosecutors who asked for a restraining order him as the court in Madrid considered a criminal complaint of sexual assault and coercion.

Rubiales has denied sexually assaulting Hermoso, by kissing her on the lips as Spain celebrated winning the Women’s World Cup, overshadowing the team’s victory.

Hermoso has insisted she did not consent to the kiss as the team lined up on the pitch to celebrate their victory.

Former president of the football federation (RFEF) Rubiales, who resigned his position in the wake of the row, appeared in a closed court session to deny two criminal offences.

The court, presided over by Judge Francisco de Jorge, is yet to rule whether the case will go to trial.

Rubiales arrived in court in a black suit and white shirt, and spent a reported 45 minutes being questioned by the judge, according to the BBC.

After being hit with the restraining order ruling, he left the court alongside his lawyer Olga Tubau.

The prosecutor had asked the judge to bar him from approaching within 500 metres (1,600 ft) of Hermoso, or from communicating with her.

Rubiales has maintained that when he held the player’s head in his hands and kissed her on the lips it was mutual and consensual.

Prosecutors submitted her initial complaint of sexual assault and added one of coercion, arguing Rubiales had put pressure on the Spain forward to come to his defence amid uproar in the days after the kiss.

Spain’s left-wing government reformed laws on consent in the past two years after a notorious gang-rape case in 2016 that led to five men being cleared of rape.

Under the ‘Only Yes is Yes’ law, a non-consensual kiss can be considered an offence of sexual assault, meaning Rubiales could face a fine or even a jail sentence if the case goes to trial and he is found guilty.

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