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Niall Horan wants to make golf 'cool'

Niall Horan wants to make golf 'cool'

Niall Horan hopes he’s helped making people realise golf is “cool”.

The former One Direction singer is a huge fan of the sport and set up his own management agency, Modest! Golf, seven years ago, so he hopes his huge profile can encourage his own supporters to take an interest in the game.

He told Bunker magazine: “I always say this but, you know, I’ve got 40 million followers on Twitter and a few more on Instagram.

“If me posting about golf here and there makes just one per cent of my followers take an interest in golf, well, look, I’m no mathematician but it’s a lot.

“Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of them will be like, ‘Oh great, he’s talking about golf again!’

“But I guarantee there’s quite a few who will read that tweet and go to the driving range or go to Topgolf or even just try to get involved in some shape or form.

“It’s just about letting them know the sport exists really.

“You never know how many will go, ‘Well if Niall thinks it’s cool, it might be cool.’ ”

And Niall’s business partner, Mark McDonnell, revealed the pair felt they had a “huge responsibility” to the women’s game because of the 30-year-old star’s largely female fan base.

He said: “We always said, right from the very start, that we wanted to be a golf agency with a difference.

“We saw ourselves as having a huge responsibility to girls because of Niall’s following.

“Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for the female population, Niall wouldn’t be where he is.

“So we really felt women’s golf was something we wanted to support.”

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