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Carl Froch casts doubt on May date for Tyson Fury v Oleksandr Usyk

Carl Froch casts doubt on May date for Tyson Fury v Oleksandr Usyk

Carl Froch is doubtful that Tyson Fury will be ready to take on Oleksandr Usyk in May.

The heavyweight unification bout was hit by a three-month delay last week after Fury suffered a large cut in sparring but Froch isn't convinced that the clash will go ahead as planned.

The former boxer told talkSPORT: "The date they’ve announced is really convenient. Everybody's upset, infuriated and deflated that this undisputed everywhere title fight's not happening. So what do they do? They come out with a date of May 18.

"Take that with a pinch of salt. They're giving us something to think about. They're giving us something to talk about and to keep the dream alive and keep all the fans intrigued.

"That date is something that's been plucked out of the air and I think we're being paid lip service because you can't say May 18 because you don't know what Fury is going to be doing now for the next two months and how that eye's going to heal.

"It's nice that they've got a date and they've put it in there and they still want it to happen but, to be honest, I don't get excited when I hear that."

Froch also revealed that he has been worried watching the Gypsy King in recent bouts and considers the Brit to be "on the slide".

The former super-middleweight world champion said: "He's on the slide, he's passed his best. I watched his fights from when we talked about the Deontay Wilder fight, when he was throwing 20-30 feints every round, he was bouncing on his toes, he was putting combinations together, he was moving a lot.

"Now he's slowing down, he's throwing less feints, he's killing the clock and he's been dropped four times in his last 70 rounds.

"When you look at statistics and facts they do not lie and I think Tyson Fury is on the slide."

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