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Dillian Whyte unleashed rage in comeback win

Dillian Whyte unleashed rage in comeback win

Dillian Whyte unleashed his pent-up anger as he made a winning return to boxing.

The British heavyweight stopped Christian Hammer after three rounds in Ireland at the weekend in his first outing since an adverse finding in a doping test forced the cancellation of his planned rematch with Anthony Joshua last August.

Whyte told Boxing Social: "He just quit, but what can I do? I’ve been through a lot of hell and a lot of darkness so I had a lot of pent-up frustration and aggression and it’s funny, because the camp was calm, everything was calm and it had to come out at some point, that’s my nature, you know.

"It’s good to be back out and it’s good to get back to work. Obviously Hammer came out swinging and then the pitbull in me just bit back, then I was rushing and making stupid mistakes, but whatever."

Whyte is unable to fight in the UK due to the doping controversy but he isn't particularly concerned about where his bouts take place.

He said: "I don’t know and I don’t care, wherever the fight is… Wherever I can be busy, then I’ll go there and fight. I’m running out of time. I’m not getting any younger. I don’t know what’s next, I just want to fight. Let’s see what happens."

Whyte is determined to fight seven or eight more times and explained that he isn't expecting any loyalty from promoters and others in the sport.

He said: "It’s the game. I’ve got 14 dogs. That’s where I expect my loyalty from. My dogs are the only things that’s loyal to me in this life."

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