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John Terry urged by Anton Ferdinand to look at ‘footage unblurred’ of their infamous face-off

John Terry urged by Anton Ferdinand to look at ‘footage unblurred’ of their infamous face-off

John Terry is facing a call from Anton Ferdinand to sit down with him in front of live cameras and look at “footage unblurred” of their October 2011 incident.

Former QPR player Ferdinand, 39, accused Terry, 43, of racist abuse at the time and he was charged over the incident at Loftus Road before being cleared in court.

Terry has always denied abusing the former QPR player, but was given a four-match ban and a £222,000 fine by the Football Association after the incident.

Ferdinand has now said in a video posted on X: “As you know, I’d done a documentary for the BBC (in 2021 called ‘Football, Racism and Me’) which stated all the facts, which (Terry) actually declined coming on.

“I wanted him on there to create positive change. I’ve seen what he’s had to say on Simon Jordan’s podcast so my thing is this: if you really want to make positive change, I’ll sit down with you with live cameras rolling so there’s nowhere for us to hide.

“We’ll look at the actual footage, unblurred, and we’ll start from there.

“If you don’t want to talk about it like that, as far as I’m concerned the case is closed for me.”

Ferdinand posted the video alongside a tweet which tagged Terry, saying: “Positive change… John Terry if you want to discuss, let’s sit down and watch the footage back?!”

Terry was found not guilty in Westminster Magistrates Court in July 2012 of a racially-aggravated public order offence as the prosecution was unable to prove he had hurled racist abuse at Ferdinand.

Terry admitted using the words, but insisted he had only been repeating words he thought Ferdinand had accused him of saying.

He last week insisted he had tried to make contact with Ferdinand in the aftermath but was blanked – prompting Ferdinand’s social media video.

Terry said during his recent appearance on Simon Jordan’s ‘Up Front’ podcast he had been ignored by Ferdinand’s brother, his former England team-mate Rio, when they were on the beach in Dubai.

He added: “Since then I’ve tried to speak to Rio, who doesn’t want to talk to me at all.

“I’ve seen him on the beach in Dubai and he refused to speak to me. I think it could have been addressed and dealt with a lot better if I’m honest.

“I tried to make contact with Anton that evening after the game,’ he said. ‘And I basically got shut down instantly from all of them.”

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