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Ella Toone: Lionesses are 'hungry' for Euro 2025

Ella Toone: Lionesses are 'hungry' for Euro 2025

Ella Toone has admitted the Lionesses are "hungry" to win Euro 2025.

The 24-year-old midfielder was part of the squad that won the 2022 UEFA European Women's Championships and though the side face a "tough" qualifying group, they are hoping to lift the trophy for the second tournament in a row.

Speaking to Olivia Attwood on her 'So Wrong It's Right' podcast, she said: "Yeah, well, this summer we've actually got the Euro qualifiers which is really difficult - our group's really tough. But I think because we've won it before, we know what it takes and we're hungry to do it again. We saw the change and how much it meant to everyone when we brought it home last time. So yeah, really looking forward to it."

The Manchester United star admitted the 2022 win changed her life completely.

She said: "Since the Euros, it's like our lives changed. And we probably weren't used to that.

"I remember when we won the Euros, I went home to get my nails done and my brows done because I was going on holiday and the paps caught me eating a pasty and that was like, oh my God, I'm in the paper eating a pasty, that has never happened before.

"So, it was definitely a change, something that I've had to get used to. And there's a lot more people talking about, you know, writing things on Twitter and stuff, but it's just part and parcel of football and we want the game to grow and so that's going to come along with it."

Ella found the attention particularly difficult to deal with because the squad had been in a "bubble" away from scrutiny during the tournament.

She said: "When you’re in the tournament, you're in like your own little bubble so you don't really know what's going on in the outside world, you try and keep yourselves to yourselves.

" And then when we won it was like we'd been released back into the wild and everything had changed and everyone knew about us.

"We were all over the papers, we were everywhere, and it was amazing how much we'd changed the women's game.

"But, for us we were just like normal people before we'd won it and then for our lives to change and us be so big and people recognise us when we're walking down the street. It was definitely really difficult and something that you just had to try and get on with."

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