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Moses Itauma learned from Tyson Fury

Moses Itauma learned from Tyson Fury

Moses Itauma has “learned more” from Tyson Fury about matters “outside the ring” than he has about boxing.

The 19-year-old fighter helped the Gypsy King with his preparations to face Oleksandr Usyk and while the sparring experience was valuable, the teenager also benefited from Tyson’s knowledge in many other areas too.

He told Boxing News magazine: “That was good.

“I think I learned more from outside the ring than I did in.

“Like what he was telling me to do with my money or even with media and sparring in general.

“I learned a lot more outside the ring. Obviously, I learned some things inside the ring but a lot more outside.”

Moses – whose opponent for his 10th professional fight next month has yet to be fixed - is frustrated at his lack of high-profile opponents so far.

He said: “I get the blame for not fighting good opponents when the good opponents don’t wanna fight me.

“I’m a lose-lose reward, because I’m such a young fighter coming through.

“If they beat me, they’re like, ‘Oh, that’s supposed to happen, he’s only a youngster’.

“And if I beat them, they can’t really come back from that.

“So I understand why they wouldn’t fight me but it’s definitely frustrating for me.”

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