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Clippy returning in Microsoft 365?

Clippy could be making a return for Microsoft 365.

The tech giant could be reintroducing the divisive virtual assistant as an emoji as part of a nostalgic twist in its upcoming suite.

In a tweet this week, Microsoft teased: "If this gets 20k likes, we'll replace the paperclip emoji in Microsoft 365 with Clippy."

The post received over 193,000 likes over the first 24 hours, although it's not clear exactly when Microsoft will make the change.

Clippy first appeared as a virtual assistant in Office 97, with the goal of helping users figure out the Office UI and give tips to help their writing.

However, the overly-frequent pop-ups were criticised by a long of viewers, and in 2001 Clippy was turned off by default.

Then, the company completely removed it in Office 2007 for Windows, and Office 2008 for Mac.

At the time, promotional materials suggested the new versions of the suite were so simple that they had put Clippy out of a job.

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