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TikTok claims there is a 'significant difference' between them and Facebook

There is a "significant difference" between TikTok and Facebook, according to bosses at the video-sharing website.

The Chinese-based app went viral in lockdown of 20202 and quickly became one of the most used apps around the world but executives have insisted that they are an "entertainment platform" more than anything and that their social media-based rival is not.

TikTok’s president of global business solutions Blake Chandlee told CNBC: "Facebook is a social platform. They’ve built all their algorithms based on the social graph. That is their core competency. Ours is not! We are an entertainment platform ... The difference is significant. It’s a massive difference!"

The tech boss - who reportedly served as an executive at Facebook before moving to TikTok in 2019 - went on to explain that when Google launched their now-defunct platform Google+, the team at Facebook were "worried" about the competition but the Google-based app eventually failed because its initial unique selling point was ultimately different.

He added: "You remember when Google was creating Google+. At Facebook, we had war rooms at the time. It was a big deal. Everyone was worried about it but [it failed because] Google’s value was [as a] search engine and Facebook was really good at social."

"I see the same thing now [...] We’re really good at what we do. We bring out these cultural trends and this unique experience people have on TikTok. They’re just not going to have that on Facebook unless Facebook entirely walks away from its social values, which I just don’t think it will do."

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