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YouTube allows users to turn long videos into Shorts

YouTube has announced a new feature that will allow users to turn long videos into Shorts.

The video-sharing website - which launched its 60-second video platform back in 2020 following the ban of rival app TikTok in India - explained that creators will now be able to convert their regular-length videos into Shorts format with the "same editing tools."

In a blog post YouTube bosses said: "Attention Shorts creators: to make it easier to create even more new content, you can now convert up to 60 seconds from your own existing long-form YouTube videos and turn them into Shorts using all the same editing tools that you know and love (text, timeline editor, filters, etc.)."

The post went on to claim that the update will enable creators to bring "fresh life" to their pre-existing content and explained that new footage can also be created in the feature alongside the old video.

It added: "This update will allow you to bring fresh life to your classic content and gives you a new way to engage your audience

If you select a part of your video that is less than 60 seconds, you can shoot additional videos with the Shorts camera as well as upload more videos from your gallery to make 60s Shorts if need be. Note: in order to shoot or add gallery video you’ll need to hit the back arrow once in the editing screen after you’ve chosen your video segment."

The post concluded by assuring users that only the original video creator will have sole access to the new feature and confirmed that it is rolling out now on both iOS and Android devices.

The post concluded; "Shorts created from VODs will link back to the original long-form videos so that people watching your Short can see the original video too. Importantly, only you as the original creator will be able to import your long-form videos into Shorts as this tool is not available for other creators to use on your content. This is rolling out now for mobile creation across iOS and Android devices."

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