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Valve designer claims a 'next-gen' Steam Deck is 'a few years' away

Valve designer claims a 'next-gen' Steam Deck is 'a few years' away

Valve designer Lawrence Yang has claimed a next-gen Steam Deck is "a few years” away yet.

The handheld gaming PC was released in February 2022 to much success, and he admitted another version of the gaming computer with a “significant bump in horsepower" won't happen overnight during an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun.

Valve previously vowed to make its Steam Deck “better" in the "years to come”.

In a blog post, Valve wrote: “We started shipping Steam Deck just one month ago, and it’s been a huge thrill seeing it out in the wild in players’ hands. One of our favourite things about that is finally getting to hear from you about your experience using Steam Deck. This first month has given us a chance to start collecting your feedback as we continue our work to make Deck better in the months and years to come.”

Valve went on to reveal that more than 2,000 games had been “Deck Verified or Playable” and a “Feedback feature” was added, “allowing customers to signal whether they agree or disagree with the Verified rating for each title.”

Elsewhere, Valve also spoke about working to ensure they can bring games with anti-cheat technology to Steam.

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