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Sir James Dyson questions government's science superpower ambition

Sir James Dyson questions government's science superpower ambition

Sir James Dyson has slammed Rishi Sunak after he recently revealed plans to turn the UK into a science and technology superpower.

The 76-year-old industrial designer has claimed in a letter sent to The Times newspaper that the UK Prime Minister's recent comments were a "mere political slogan".

The billionaire businessman - who has not yet met the Prime Minister - wrote: "Ministers talk hubristically of Britain becoming a 'science and technology superpower' but their woeful policies diminish this to a mere political slogan.

"In the UK, Dyson now faces rocketing corporation tax (wiping out any tax credits for research and development) ... and a crippling shortage of qualified engineers."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the government has defended the UK's reputation, describing it as an "innovation nation".

The spokesperson explained: "We boast the biggest tech sector in Europe, reaching a combined market value of £1 trillion in 2022, we have the lowest corporation tax rate in the G7, and we have world-leading strengths in science and research and development - backed by our £20 billion research and development target and introduction of policies like full-expensing,

"This will spur stronger growth, better jobs and bold new discoveries, bringing together the key technologies of tomorrow like quantum and AI, into a dedicated Department for Science, Innovation and Technology for the first time."

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