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Twitter Blue subscribers can upload two-hour videos

Twitter Blue subscribers can upload two-hour videos

Twitter Blue subscribers are now able to upload two-hour videos to the site.

Elon Musk - who acquired the micro-blogging platform in 2022 for $44 billion - has taken to Twitter to announce the change for Twitter Blue subscribers.

Musk, 51, wrote online: "Twitter Blue Verified subscribers can now upload 2 hour videos (8GB)! (sic)"

The billionaire businessmen has made a concerted effort to overhaul the platform and make it more profitable since he bought the company.

However, his Twitter Blue policy has proven to be very divisive, with critics arguing that users shouldn't have to pay for their blue-tick status.

A number of public figures - including celebrities and politicians - have slammed Musk's Twitter policies.

For instance, pop star Lauren Jauregui recently labelled Musk a "clown" after her blue tick was reinstated.

Lauren - who shot to fame as part of Fifth Harmony - insisted she hadn't paid for her blue-tick status, and she accused Twitter of misleading the public.

She wrote: "How are you lying to these people like this?!? That has to be fraud somehow right? You think I’d pull out my wallet after talking all that s***? This is embarrassing [laughing emoji]

"Honestly what a clown..and weird marketing tactic. It’s so deceitful and weeeeirrrddddd like?! You just lying to these people and for what?! (sic)"

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