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Microsoft adds Bing chatbot widget for on iOS and Android

Microsoft adds Bing chatbot widget for on iOS and Android

Microsoft has added a chatbot widget for Bing mobile users.

The tech giant is marking 100 days since launching search powered by artificial intelligence by introducing a number of updates.

In a blog post this week, the company said: "Widgets are a great way to get timely information at a glance, or directly access features in your favorite apps.

"This week, we’re launching a new Bing Chat widget that you can add to your iOS or Android home screen...

"Soon, you’ll be able to click the Bing icon to land directly in the new Bing Chat experience, or click the microphone icon to verbally ask a question."

Other updates to the Bing app include being able to continue a mobile conversation on desktop.

The team explained: "The ability to continue desktop conversations on mobile, and vice versa, means you can ask Bing to write you a recipe for a spring salad recipe, then continue the conversation at the grocery store when they’re out of asparagus and you need a substitute, then learn more about fava bean preparation back at home."

Users will also be able to make use of improvements to voice and multilingual chat systems.

Microsoft added: "We’re excited to bring the new Bing to new users around the world.

"We’ve increased the country and language support for voice input, and improved the quality for non-English chats, so now you can choose from a variety of languages and voices to tailor experience to your tastes and needs."

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