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Zoom unveils AI Companion update

Zoom unveils AI Companion update

Zoom is unveiled new AI Companion features to "significantly expand" its capabilities.

The video conferencing giant is updating its generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool, and the AI Companion will be available at no extra cost if you already pay for the online meeting service.

The company said: "Zoom AI Companion delivers powerful, real-time digital assistant capabilities to help users improve productivity and work together more effectively.

"Zoom customers can expect to see AI Companion throughout the entire platform, from Meetings, Team Chat, Phone, Email, and Whiteboard, with additional features on the roadmap."

One of the new features includes allowing users to quickly catch up if they're late to a meeting by asking questions in a side panel.

After the meeting, Zoom recordings will be available with highlights and smart chapters, plus auto-generated meeting summaries - if enabled by the meeting's host.

The company added: "Zoom’s federated approach to AI delivers high-quality results and lowers costs by dynamically incorporating its own large language models, along with third-party models such as Meta Llama 2, OpenAI, and Anthropic."

Smita Hashim, chief product officer at Zoom, commented: “We are transcending the hype in generative AI by delivering tangible products and disrupting the industry’s pricing model, making it easy for businesses and people like you and me to leverage generative AI’s full benefits in our day-to-day work.

“We were founded on doing what’s right for our customers, and we firmly believe that offering Zoom AI Companion at no additional cost to our paid Zoom user accounts delivers tremendous value as we all navigate the challenges facing us today.

"We are excited to see our customers and users start using AI Companion and about our strong roadmap for further innovation underpinned by a commitment to responsible AI.”

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