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Google commit to 10 years of Chromebook updates

Google commit to 10 years of Chromebook updates

Google have pledged 10 years of software updates for Chromebooks - but only to qualifying users.

The brand are keen to increase device longevity, and those who own one of the Chromebooks which launched in or after 2021 will automatically receive the support, but anyone whose model dates before then will be given the option to “extend automatic updates to 10 years from [a] platform’s release” after it has received its last patch.

However, platforms - which refer to internal hardware and software features - differ by manufacturer and model, and so owners will need to check their particular Chromebook on Google's Help Center's Auto Update policy page to find out how many years of support they will get.

For those who don't opt in to the additional support, Google reassures their products can still protect user data thanks to “strong, built-in security features”.

According to TechRadar, it is currently unclear if the 10-year updates will only apply in the US or worldwide.

Meanwhile, the company are also planning to role out software updates to improve energy efficiency for selected compatible models of Chromebook.

Adaptive Charging will be added to “help preserve battery health” by slowing down charging speeds, and Battery Saver will be introduced as an option in order to “turn off energy-intensive processes.”

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