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YouTube to experiment with 'AI musicians'

YouTube to experiment with 'AI musicians'

YouTube has embraced AI and will add machine-generated music to the platform.

The video streaming service has long battled copyrighted music being illegitimately used on the platform, and they will now add a feature that will allow users to generate their own musical texts using machine learning.

The feature, called Music AI Tools, which has been tested by a small group of experts on the Music AI Incubator program, aims to assist musicians with their work.

In an announcement, YouTube said: "It was clear early on that this initial group of participants were intensely curious about AI tools that could push the limits of what they thought possible. They also sought out tools that could bolster their creative process.

"As a result, those early sessions led us to iterate on a set of music AI tools that experiment with those concepts. Imagine being able to more seamlessly turn one’s thoughts and ideas into music; like creating a new guitar riff just by humming it or taking a pop track you are working on and giving it a reggaeton feel.

"We’re developing prospective tools that could bring these possibilities to life and Music AI Incubator participants will be able to test them out later this year.”

The company then explained that a producer would be able to hum a tune, which would then be turned into a track that sounded like it had been professionally recorded.

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