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Nintendo Switch 2 to include backwards compatibility and support 4K

Nintendo Switch 2 to include backwards compatibility and support 4K

The Nintendo Switch 2 will reportedly support backwards compatibility and 4K resolution.

According to Mobapad, the eagerly-awaited console will be able to play games made for the original Switch on physical cartridges, and will support a higher resolution when docked to a 4K monitor.

The device is also said to include an 8-inch 1080p display, giving gamers a nice bump from the Switch OLED, which came with a 720p screen.

As well as these upgrades, the company – who sell Switch accessories – claimed the upcoming device would come with Joy-Cons that feature magnetic suction, allowing users to quickly snap on the controls when the console is in handheld mode.

Other rumours about the gaming device pointed to a handful of significant upgrades over Nintendo's previous models.

In a report from Moore's Law is Dead, the publication claimed the Switch 2 would bridge the power gap with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X due to a new NVIDIA Tegra T239 chipset.

The outlet also said that the device was expected to ship with a relatively weak CPU, though would be able to keep up with Sony and Microsoft's consoles through NVIDIA's 'Deep Learning Super Sampling' technology, which would maximise image quality while retaining a smooth gaming experience.

Another report from the Japanese publication Nikkei claimed that the Switch 2 would come with 64GB – double that of the OLED – and a $400 price tag, making it $100 more expensive than Nintendo's previous consoles in the range.

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