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Secret Shoe inspired by Bond

A luxury shoemaker has created a Secret Shoe inspired by James Bond.

Oliver Sweeney have unveiled their new design, which lets you store a choice of six gadgets - three in each shoe - such as a tiny mobile phone, a capsule for your money and a small Swiss army knife.

Writing on their website, they shared: "Worthy of 007's Q, each shoe features a hidden compartment in the sole that can hold 3 gadgets (6 in total across the pair). You can select from 12 gadgets that include: the world's smallest phone, a tiny video camera, a mini Swiss army knife, a tracking device, a choice of currency capsule (£50; €50; or $50); and the world's most advanced contactless payment ring. The shoes can also accommodate a spare house key.

"In addition to the items hidden within the shoe, the laces themselves are made from Kevlar. They can act as a friction saw cutting through wood or plastic, so should you ever find yourself zip-tied, you have a fighting chance of escape ... The final touch is a leather sole that can be inscribed with your details, from your name, blood type or even your GPS coordinates by our very own in house Fire Writer."

Whilst Tim Cooper, Cobbler in Chief at Oliver Sweeney, added : "I'm involved in and obsessed by every part of the shoe-making process. We go to extraordinary lengths to source the very best materials from across the globe. The leather for the Secret Shoe is wild red deer from Scottish estates; hand selected by myself and is tanned using vegetable tannage in very small batches."

The Secret Shoe is available in black, brown or tan and costs £2000.

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