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BMW's revolutionary cycle plans

BMW have unveiled revolutionary plans to keep cyclists off the roads and away from the pollution.

The vehicles manufacturing company have shared their plans for the BMW Vision E³ Way, which is an "elevated road concept for electrically powered two-wheel vehicles which links key traffic hubs in urban conurbations".

Dr. Markus Seidel, Director of the BMW Group Technology Office China, said: "The BMW Vision E³ Way opens up a whole new dimension of mobility in overcrowded conurbations - efficient, convenient and safe. It works by simply creating space for two-wheel zero-emissions traffic.

"In China, more than a billion people will be living in cities by 2050. The country will become the global incubator for numerous mobility innovations such as the BMW Vision E 3 Way after all, nowhere else is there such an urgent need for action."

And there is hope it would not only ease congestion and improve safety but it will also be both more cost and time efficient.

They added: "The use of roadways that are elevated above existing roads means the project generates additional traffic capacity. The BMW Vision E³ Way is explicitly conceived for locally emission-free single-track mobility concepts only ("electric"), such as e-bikes, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link and the recently presented BMW Motorrad X2 City - likewise developed by the "Research, New Technologies, Innovations" division.

"The elevated road is simple and modular in design, economical to build as a result, and provides a fast, direct link between key traffic hubs, making it the perfect alternative for commuters travelling up to 15 km. This makes use of the elevated road very efficient not only in terms of cost but also as regards travel time."

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