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Facebook expands poke feature

Facebook's famous poke feature is getting an upgrade.

The social media site has been allowing people to "poke" their friends as a way of saying hello for a decade now but they have unveiled even more different ways to greet your pals including hugging, waving hello, high fiving or winking.

The new gestures were introduced to mark 10 years since the poke first appeared on the site.

To take advantage of the new feature if you're using the desktop version of the site then just hover over the Hello button located below the profile picture. If you're doing this on mobile, you will need to hold down on it.

When you do this, a list will appear, allowing you to choose what action you want to take. When the person sees this, an animated hug, poke, wave, high five or wink will appear on their profile.

It comes after Facebook announced a new Messenger Kids, which will bring their messenger feature to the young generation.

They announced on Facebook: "Today, we're excited to introduce Messenger Kids, a new app that makes it easier for kids to safely video chat and message with family and friends when they can't be together in person. Millions of parents are part of Messenger community and they asked us for controllable solutions that let them message with their children.

"We heard that they were looking for better apps for their children to use and from there, we worked directly with parents and kids along with experts in child development, online safety and children's media to help build our first app for kids."

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