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The Radar Watch has 200k choices

The Radar Watch gives you 200,000 different displays for your watch.

All you have to do to change the pattern of your watch and give it a fresh look is press the button on the side of it and watch as the screen switches to a different look.

They wrote on their Kickstarter page: "Thanks to its epaper display Radar Watch lets you choose the pattern design with a simple press of a button. The watch design was inspired by cold-war era military equipment. Radars are commonly used in the military for detecting the presence, direction, distance, and speed of aircraft, ships, and other objects. This gives the watch a rugged and retro look that suits both men and women. Its Scandinavian design is reflected in its simplicity and clean lines, while the Swiss engineering is made apperent through the quality of the watch. All materials were carefully selected to make this watch a timepiece you will want to wear every day ...

"Radar Watch has an e-paper display, which aims to replicate the look of military-radars with the use of 60 display segments. If you would like to change the pattern on the watchface simply press the red button and change it. With over 200,000 display patterns, every watch looks unique. Every time your press the button the segments on the e-paper display will change randomly."

The Radar Watch comes in three different colours - brass, black and steel. For the brass version, the strap is blue and the case is rose gold whilst the black one has a gunmetal black case and a beige strap. For the steel one, there is a grey coloured case and matching strap.

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