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Amazon reiterates support for US military

Amazon plans to continue to support the American military.

The iconic brand's founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos has revealed Amazon will work with the military, even though other firms - including Google - have recently withdrawn their support in response to wider pressure.

Bezos explained: "If big tech companies are going to turn their back on the US Department of Defense, this country is going to be in trouble."

Despite the debate surrounding the support of the military, Bezos insisted he has no issues about working with the armed forces.

He said: "We are going to continue to support the DoD, and I think we should.

"One of the jobs of the senior leadership team is to make the right decision, even when it's unpopular."

Bezos subsequently added: "This is a great country - it needs to be defended."

In September, meanwhile, Amazon announced plans to conduct a "thorough investigation" into claims that its employees accepted bribes for leaking sales data.

According to allegations published in the Wall Street Journal newspaper, independent sellers were able to delete negative reviews, while they were also given the opportunity to restore some banned accounts.

Responding to the allegations, Amazon insisted it had a "zero-tolerance" policy in place.

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