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We may fly less after the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has made people reconsider how much they fly.

A new study by the Cabot Institute for Environment at the University of Bristol has revealed that six out of 10 people would fly less in the future following on from the global health crisis, which has halted the majority of both business and leisure travel.

Younger people would be more keen to fly again, with only a third of those between 18 and 29 admitting they'd fly less than before.

However, for those over 60, three quarters admitted they would fly less than they did before the pandemic hit.

Lead researcher Dr Ed Atkins, said: "Everyone we spoke to was aware of how their flying or flying generally emitted greenhouse gases and exacerbated the climate emergency. Covid-19 provided that moment where people stopped and had the opportunity to discuss their flying in the future. Both the survey and the focus groups showed that people were starting to see flying differently, they were planning on flying less, that was regardless of whether they had or were going to receive their Covid vaccination. What Covid-19 has shown us is that people travelling around the world for work is not only unsustainable but also unnecessary."

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