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China discourages travel as it locks down 65 million citizens

China has amped its COVID-19 restrictions by locking down 65 million of its citizens and has discouraged tourists from travelling during the national holidays.

The nation’s mid-autumn festival is China’s second most important public holiday since the Lunar New Year and takes place this weekend from September 10 to 12.

The festival, which traditionally falls on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese Lunar calendar, is a celebration of the rice harvest and many fruit ceremonies take place to give thanks to the harvest and to encourage light to return again the following year.

Whilst many people tend to travel around the country to spend time with their family and gather around for dinners, domestic tourism has been weighed down over the resurgence of coronavirus.

As China fights to slow down its infection rates, 33 cities have gone into lockdown to combat the outbreak.

103 cities reported an outbreak of the virus - the highest since the early days of the pandemic in 2020.

Although the infection rates are relatively low, China’s communist authority has enforced a ‘Zero-COVID’ policy requiring people to undergo mandatory quarantine confining them to their apartments or residential complexes.

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