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More than a third of Japanese people want to 'never travel' again, says report

More than a third of Japanese people want to 'never travel' again, says report

More than a third of Japanese people want to “never travel” again.

According to a report from Morning Consult, 35 per cent of the population of the Asian country - where only 23 per cent of people own a passport - are not keen to go abroad for a number of reasons like COVID-19, their health along with stress and anxiety.

According to Lindsey Roeschke, a rep from the data collectors, people - from a number of countries like the US, China and South Korea - were asked about “any leisure travel” and did not separate between international and domestic trips.

According to the survey, 45 per cent of Japanese resident did indeed plan on going on holiday but the country has seen a dip in overseas trips since the pandemic. In August 2022, 386,000 people went abroad, a significant drop compared to the 2.1 million who left the country in the same month in 2019. Some analysts have attributed the decrease to fear of contracting COVID-19.

After a timid reopening of Japan after much of the rest of the world began reopening their borders to tourists, many believe there is a reluctance to go on a jolly among the population.

Some experts believe that money is one of the biggest motivations towards the reluctance to travel.

Tetsuya Hanada, the managing director of Tabimori Inc, a food and travel company told CNBC“It could be said that the pandemic has reduced the number of Japanese who decide to travel abroad, but I think the weaker yen has had a greater impact.”

Some believe the problem is due to work and language “barriers”.

Hideki Furuya, a tourist behaviour professor at Toyo University said: “The language barrier and the lack of consecutive holidays are some of the reasons why domestic travel is preferred, adding that “work environments that make it difficult to take paid vacations”.

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