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Americans travel around the world three times on road trips

Americans travel the equivalent of three times around the world on road trips in their lifetime.

A study has revealed that the average American will travel a huge 79,548 miles on road trips in their life, which is the same as driving around the world 3.2 times.

And people tend to go on their first road trip with family at about nine-years-old, compared to 19-years-old when they first go on a road trip with their friends.

The study, which was carried out by on 2000 Americans, also found that 90 percent of Americans will go on a road trip this year, with the average person going on a road trip twice a year.

To pass the time, people like to play games such as License Plates, I Spy, and Car Spotting and 60 percent of people play their music whilst they're driving and more people prefer to listen to the radio than watch movies when they are a passenger.

Ted Cardenas, Vice President of Marketing, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., said: "With the holiday season quickly approaching, it's a perfect time to get into our cars, visit far-away family, or just take a few days to discover what this country has to offer. The survey results highlight just how far we'll travel, and what makes a road trip a success - whether it's playing the right music, having the best snacks, or using navigation that you can trust.

"As the study highlights, plans do go wrong, so preparation is key to making sure that the journey is as good as the destination. At Pioneer we're not just focused on impressive sounds, but all the technology and gadgets to enhance any road trip so people can enjoy the journey no matter where it takes them."

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