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Most well travelled US states

Thanksgiving-loving Californians are the most well travelled.

A study by has revealed that residents of the Golden State do the most travelling at this time of year, followed closely behind by Illinois and Florida.

And in terms of least well travelled, Mississippi tops the poll, followed by Alabama, West Virginia, Kentucky and Oklahoma.

Internationally, Hong Kong is home to the most well-travelled citizens.

Residents of the Asian country take on average 11.4 trips every year and spend an average of £2,305 per person on travel every 12 months.

It is thought this id the case because there are 12 annual bank holidays in the Hong Kong calendar as well as a rule that a person's paid leave must increases the longer the person stays employed at a particular company.

And it is the Luxembourg locals who came in second place on the list, although their amount of trips are a lot smaller than that of a Hong Kong citizen.

On average, they took 2.56 trips a year per person but they were the biggest spenders when it came to heading out of the country, with each person spending a whopping £4,500 on travel annually.

Hungary's residents found themselves third on the list as it was revealed they take, on average, 1.62 trips per year each. However, they managed to spend very little whilst abroad - a total of £187 per year each.

American citizens appeared to the ones with some of the least internationally travelled residents, taking on average only 0.2 trips a year per person. This is most likely due to the fact that less than half of Americans own a passport and the leave offered by companies is less than in other countries.

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