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Millennials have high expectations

Millennials have higher expectations for customer service than their older counterparts.

A study by Adobe has found that people from 18 to 35-years-old are looking for better customer service than those who are older and are also more likely to share their experience online on social media or review websites such as Trip Advisor.

And millennials are also looking for convenience when they book their trip as well as when they're on it - with this materialising in online check in as one example.

Taylor Schreiner, Director at Adobe Digital Insights, said: "You can see this expectation that technology will provide great experiences in some of their survey responses. For instance, about half of people under 35 would rather engage with a computer than a human when interacting with a brand. Older groups much more clearly want to talk to real people and expect interactions with people to give them better experiences. One thing that is clear in our data is that people under 35 feel they have a stronger voice in any relationship with a brand. For instance, while they are less likely than older consumers to actually complain to a company after a bad online experience, they twice as likely to write an online review or post to social media about the experience. They see those online channels as empowering them to respond when they have had a bad experience."

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