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Half of all travellers champion VR for travel

Half of all travellers would welcome the use of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) to help them chose a holiday destination.

A study, conducted by Hilton and research company ENGINE, found that 50 per cent of the 2,300 travellers surveyed, aged between 20 and 45, would gladly use VR and AR to pick their dream holiday.

These results are much more than recommendations from locals at 44 per cent and word of mouth (37 per cent).

And 39 per cent of those surveyed thinks VR and artificial intelligence (AI) are great ways to increase travellers' knowledge by helping people see their destination before they even arrive.

And two in five travellers feel using VR and AR would make travel more fun.

Sarah Somerville, senior director of customer engagement, loyalty and partnerships at Asia Pacific at Hilton said: "Technology needs to be leveraged to enhance the in-hotel experience, in order for us to offer guests exactly what they want. Guests today expect integrated and personalised digital interactions across channels throughout their travels, which is why digital innovation is playing an increasingly critical role in ensuring a steady stream of new guests, and loyal guests that repeatedly stay with us time and again."

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