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Romantic getaways to change by 2030

Romantic getaways will change by 2030 because of the way our relationships will develop.

A study by Mr and Mrs Smith - the luxury and boutique hotel connoisseur company - has revealed that the landscape of our relationships will change so much in the next 10 years that the hotels and services offered will have to change to accommodate.

With the rise of polyamory - which is term for those who want intimate relationships with more than one partner - there will be a matching rise in "co-romantic breaks" as well as "polymoons", which means a lot of hotels will likely need to include triple rooms too as well as the standard double and twin offerings.

And with romantic breaks set to become even more popular, hotels are set to offer the services of a Chief Romantic Officer as well as a traditional concierge. These romantic offerings will go much further than the traditional champagne and rose petals, with couples also being offered things like ready-made romantic cocktails in the minibar, adaptable artworks and fabrics that change depending on the mood of its guests, or oils for infusing in with the bedding.

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