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Mobile Cloud Mail Solution

Traditional mail clients force us to sit at our desks to access our emails. That’s because they only work through programs installed on PCs. Today, that’s all changing thanks to the introduction of email cloud solutions like Webmail from GMX. It’s a comprehensive online email client that requires no extra software; meaning you can read, send, and store emails from all of your accounts whenever you’re connected to the Internet. GMX’s approach to mail and cloud solutions includes flexible storage and file sharing capabilities as well as online calendar syncing. At GMX, we make staying connected straightforward and secure. 

Stay on the Move with our Cloud Email

Nothing’s sweeter than having the freedom to move around as you please. Thanks to our email cloud service, you can travel anywhere in the world without losing touch with the projects and people that matter most. If you’re a professional managing a business, take a step in the right direction, and leave your static mail client behind. It’s as easy as signing up for a Webmail account from GMX. With us, you can access your emails and calendar from anywhere, at any time. Best of all, our service is optimized to work seamlessly on any mobile device, so you can enjoy full access from your smartphone, or tablet.

With a cloud email account, you can store important files and share them with your contacts straight from your Webmail homepage. Mail Collector also gathers every message from your other email accounts and delivers them into well-sorted folders in your mailbox. You can set the filters you want to perform automatic administrative functions, like sorting emails into separate folders based on sender, topic, or email address. We’ll even delete emails from the third party account once they’ve been delivered to your mailbox, meaning you won’t have to worry about de-cluttering up your other accounts to keep within your storage limits.

With Webmail, you can keep all the messages you like. Your mailbox features up to 65 GB email storage. What’s more, you can see all of your unread emails at a glance, making spring cleaning a breeze. Take a minute to explore the tools and features you have at your disposal once you’re signed in – you won’t miss your old mail client in the mail cloud!

Great Features Make all the Difference

Cloud mail services make it easy to stay in touch with friends and family, making for a great personal email choice. You can send 50 MB attachments – that’s around 30 hi-res vacation photos – or give your contacts direct access to the files you want them to have with our Cloud feature. Sharing is secure with the Cloud – you create a password that only you and your contacts know. Granting your contact guest access means you don’t have to split files to fit them into multiple emails. This feature is what makes Webmail different from other mail clients; our cloud-based email services combine virtual capabilities with the convenience of email. You won’t find a better combo anywhere else on the web.

To see for yourself, sign up to our email and cloud solution. It only takes a few minutes to choose an email address and then start integrating your accounts and calendars. Organizer will help you save time and keep your schedule on track. You can even set daily reminders for yourself when things get particularly hectic. Once you’ve begun your cloud email experience, you won’t look back. Imagine: You’ll only ever need to sign in to Webmail to access all of your emails, appointments, contacts, and the files you may need on the fly. That’s the power of GMX.

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