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GMX Mail Design Themes

Add color to your GMX mailbox

Whether using GMX as a personal or professional mail service, as a tool you access on a daily basis you will likely want to make it your own. Customize your GMX mailbox experience however you like and choose from a wide variety of different themes. Every theme comes with a unique design color scheme – each with a different look and feel. Add some personality to your mailbox and enjoy your mail, organizer and cloud functions through a different shade.

What are mail design themes?

As is the way with website themes, mail design themes determine the visual style of your email platform. The entire aesthetic of your mailbox is dependent upon the colors, shades, and patterns you choose. For those that wonder how to design themes for your mailbox, we have done the dirty work for you. With the GMX color scheme designs, we have put together six themes that will make opening your mailbox in the morning a more visually appealing experience. With six of the best shades and colors, there is something to suit every taste.

The ability to customize your own mailbox comes with many rewards. Just as the urge to design the interior of your home, choose the color of your car, and even decorate your office space at work all seem so natural, so too is the desire to customize your mailbox design themes. The GMX mail design themes, provide you with the opportunity to adapt your mail experience to your personal taste.

Not only does your customized mail design theme apply to the email function of your account, but also to every other facet of the GMX service. The design theme you set will apply to the email, contacts, organizer, cloud, and settings functions of your GMX account. This means you can enjoy your personalized settings across the board.

By combining the design color scheme of your choice together with the standard GMX mail account features, you play your part in shaping the ideal email solution for you and your lifestyle. Enjoy up to 65 GB of email storage, mobile service, mail collector software, and an intuitive interface, all from your customized color scheme design mailbox. Whether sending business emails, storing files, organizing your calendar or browsing your contacts, you can do so from your own personalized interface.

How to change the design theme for your mailbox?

As with all other aspects of a GMX email account, you can make changes to your mailbox design quickly and easily. Both novices and experts alike can navigate through the settings and make any changes necessary. At GMX, we strive to create a fast and easy to use email tool for all your mailing needs, freeing up time for you to spend on the things that matter the most.

Whether you are changing the design theme of your mailbox for the first time, or if you like to adapt your color scheme on a more regular basis, the process could not be any easier. GMX provides a straightforward email solution that allows users to make the most of the features and tools provided.

In order to change your color scheme design, follow these simple steps:

1.  From within your GMX email account, navigate to “Home”.

2.  On the menu on the left-hand side, click on the “Design” tab underneath the “Personalization” category.

3.  In the “Design” settings, you can choose from the six colorful design themes.

4.  Click “Select” underneath your preferred theme.

5.  Finally, click on “Save and Close” to save all your changes and exit out.

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