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Emails from colleagues, friends, and family can pile up quickly in a connected world. Thankfully, staying on top of correspondence from all of your email addresses is simple with one of the best email accounts on the web. Featuring up to 65 GB of email storage, great features and tools, and mobile email access, an email account from GMX makes staying in touch with the people in your life easy.
Our free email accounts were made for busy people. We start with a clean, simple design that anyone can navigate with ease; meaning you can focus on composing emails and sending photos to friends, without the distraction of a cluttered email account. Next, our Mail Collector conveniently collects and manages all of the messages from your email accounts in one place. Here, you sign in once to gain access to messages from your private and work mail accounts. With us, staying organized is a priority. That’s why we deliver all of your correspondence to your new email account featuring a short, easy to remember domain like

Email accounts with a lot of storage for your emails

So that all of your emails are available to you for future reference, your new GMX email account comes with up to 65 GB of email storage. That means you can hang on to important emails, the funny exchanges with your best friend, and the video your family sent you for Christmas. Our intuitive filters let you easily search and organize your emails, so you can finally make sense of your inbox. In addition, our 50 MB Attachment allowance lifts restrictions on how much data you can send to your contacts. For our users, there’s no need to convert files. When you have something important to share, your free email account from GMX can handle transfers equivalent to 30 high-resolution photos at a time.
As a bonus feature, we also include 2 GB worth of free disc space in your Cloud tab with every email account registered at GMX. This is the place to upload and store files. What’s more, you have the freedom to share your hosted files with anyone, eliminating the need to send large attachments altogether. Simply send an invite to the contacts you want to grant access to, and then protect it with a unique password. With this innovative feature, GMX integrates the convenience of the cloud straight into your email account – for free!

Free email accounts that help you stay organized

Our powerful mail accounts also boast straightforward scheduling solutions such as our Organizer. Organizer works seamlessly with your email account and helps you save time. You can now open appointments from your messages into your calendar. It’s an intuitive step towards keeping track of meetings and other events. Best of all, you can easily make changes to your Organizer and compare it with your other schedules as plans develop. This makes finding a date for your next party stress-free and also means you won’t accidentally double book yourself for the same day.
Planning ahead is also simple with your free email account. Set reminders about recurring events, such as weekly meetings or a reading club, straight into your calendar. Leave yourself a memo when you need to be reminded of important commitments, or to pick up a carton of milk on the way home. But above all else, GMX’s straightforward webmail service will make it easier for you to stay in touch with people. You’ll have clear and quick access to your contacts whenever you want to touch base. So sign up for an email account that does the hard work for you, so you can rediscover the joy of writing to friends, family, and colleagues from one place.

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