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The Ideal Email Address for Everyone

Are you a professional looking for a straightforward way to communicate with coworkers, or someone who wants a seamless emailing experience? You can have it all with an email address from GMX. It’s an intuitive, free email address that can handle messages from all of your accounts, so you’ll receive work and personal emails in the same inbox. Thanks to a range of clever features and tools that make organizing your day and sorting correspondence easy, it’s likely the only online, mobile email client solution you’ll use. Sign up and see for yourself what a difference an email address from GMX can make.

One Email Address, One Inbox

Your free email address from GMX features a wealth of handy tools to get you organized. Our Mail Collector lets you receive emails from all of your accounts in your GMX inbox, so you only have to sign in once to access your work and personal messages. It couldn’t be easier to configure: All you have to do is click on the ‘Mail Collector’ tab and then enter the email address and password for the respective account to get started. You can then customize your selection, choosing to sort emails from a specific email address into a separate folder, or delete emails from the third party server after fetching - a handy option if your alternate free email address has storage limitations. You can also use the address you entered when replying to or forwarding emails which is useful for answering work or professional emails. GMX also gives you flexibility when it comes to your email address. With us, you can create up to ten Alias Addresses that will all direct to your GMX mailbox. This is a great option if you want to give people a chance to get in touch with you, but don’t necessarily want to share your identity or personal details. Let’s say you’re selling something over the Internet; you can give your Alias Address along with a preferred sender name to protect your privacy. On the other hand, you can also create a professional email address that features your full name or the service you offer, in addition to having a personal free email address for friends and family. At GMX, you have unprecedented control over your correspondence and privacy, plus ample opportunity to personalize your emailing experience.

Get Organized with GMX

When you sign up for a free email address from GMX, you can begin to customize your mailbox to help save time and keep you organized. In addition to receiving superior Anti-Spam protection from your free email address, you can set your own filters to control the messages you see and how you see them. That’s all standard as part of our great email services. Simply click on the ‘Settings’ tab, then select ‘Filter Rules’ from the side menu to begin. Here, you’ll see three of our most popular filter settings alongside the option to create custom rules to govern your free email address. Chose to move emails from specific senders into the folder you wish; sort emails into different folders based on subject matter (promotions, newsletters, work etc.); and forward emails to another email account. These filters function automatically once you’ve set them, so you don’t have to manually move messages into different folders. Another great time-saving feature available to GMX email address users is the ‘Unread Emails’ section. Here, you can have an instant overview of all the messages you haven’t gotten around to reading yet. This also makes cleaning up your Mailbox easy, since you can move emails that aren’t important to you directly into the trash folder. On the other hand, you can mark a message as a ‘Favorite’ when you want put important information aside for later. With an email address from GMX, you get the email solution you want.

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