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Eddie Howe hopes football learns from his fan confrontation

Eddie Howe hopes football learns from his fan confrontation

Eddie Howe says that football must learn lessons after he was confronted by a fan.

The Newcastle manager was approached in his technical area by an angry Leeds supporter in the 2-2 draw between the teams at Elland Road last weekend and Howe hopes that the worrying incident can prevent a "tragedy" from happening in the future.

The coach said: "The concern for me is the future.

"That incident has gone, it’s done as far as I’m concerned, but the only part of that incident that’s left is the ‘What ifs?’ for the future.

"I just hope that that incident itself can then help the authorities and whoever is concerned with the security and safety of the players and staff, that if it does make a little change or (encourage) someone to think how we can improve things, then it will have been a really worthwhile episode because I’d hate to see a tragedy on a football pitch that could have been avoided."

Newcastle face a crucial Premier League game against Brighton on Thursday (18.05.23) as they look to consolidate a place in the top four and take a big stride towards Champions League qualification, although Howe is relaxed even with Liverpool hot on their heels.

He said: "I don’t feel like we’re being hunted. I don’t feel that emotion. It’s us against ourselves, really. That’s how I see it. It’s us trying to be the best we can be.

"I’ve not focused on any other team all season. In my experience, I knew Liverpool were never far away because they are a top team and they are capable of going on runs of wins. They are very similar to Manchester City where they can win a group of games without blinking. They have got that experience."

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