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Phoebe Schechter felt pressure to open up opportunities for women

Phoebe Schechter felt pressure to open up opportunities for women

Phoebe Schechter felt “pressure” to open the doors for more women in NFL.

The 32 year old became the first British woman to coach American football in the National Football League when she worked as tight end coach for the Buffalo Bills and she insists she doesn’t want to be the last” woman in such a position.

Asked if she felt extra pressure as the first female coach in a male-dominated arena, she exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “I definitely did feel pressure about being one of the first in that environment.

“However, the pressure was more to do with the thought that I wanted to make sure that I did such a great job that there were others with opportunities after me.

“The key is that I may have been the first, but I do not want to be the last.”

Phoebe felt “lucky” to be pushed to be the best coach she could be, and insisted her gender was never a disadvantage.

Speaking ahead of the Championship Game of the inaugural Jets and Bears NFL Girls Flag, which takes place in Ealing, London, on Monday (22.05.23), she added: “The athletes and coaches want authenticity, especially in such a high stress environment.

“The biggest thought process from athletes is 'Can you get me better?' If the answer is yes, then your gender really carries no weight.

“The guys almost felt like having a team of brothers and at any level of elite sport, you want to create that family feeling as you are essentially going to battle with each other in the form of aggressive chess with humans!

“To be honest, I don't think people underestimated me, perhaps it was myself at times that underestimated my potential.

“When you are in such a performance programme, everyone is elite. That is coaches, staff, everyone is at the top of their game, so I was lucky to be around people who pushed me to grow and continue to get outside of my comfort zone.”

Phoebe was speaking on behalf of the Jets and Bears NFL Girls Flag league, the first UK all girls’ competition of its kind designed to increase access to sport for young girls. To find out more about the league and teams, please visit, and”

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