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Fighting Jake Paul is easy money, says Carl Froch

Fighting Jake Paul is easy money, says Carl Froch

Carl Froch sees fighting Jake Paul as "easy money".

The 45-year-old former world champion doesn't rate Jake's boxing skills, and he's suggested that he'd jump at the chance to face him in the ring.

Carl - who hasn't fought since 2014 and is officially retired from the sport - told "I’m interested in fighting Paul - it would be like a suitcase of free money. I would always be interested in fighting someone who can’t fight like Jake Paul. It's like someone giving you a suitcase full of money - you won’t say no."

Carl - who has turned to punditry since retiring from boxing - is convinced that he'd easily beat Jake in a boxing ring.

The former champion is also confident that the fight would generate huge revenue.

Carl said: "I would train for it, I stay in the gym anyway and keep myself in good shape ... the risk and reward ratio makes sense.

"The reason why I didn't fight again is because the money wasn’t what I needed, my health was at risk and I have three kids. With Jake Paul, there is little to no risk."

Earlier this year, Jake took to social media to challenge Carl to a fight.

The 26-year-old YouTuber also suggested that Carl is simply jealous of his money-making abilities.

Jake - who was defeated by Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia in February - wrote online: "Carl Froch mad because I made more in one year than he made his whole career.

"You want the payday. I get it.

"So let’s do this, fight Anderson Silva on my next card and if you get lucky and beat him, then we can step in the ring and you make your career payday. Let me know. (sic)"

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