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Carlo Ancelotti demands stronger action against Vinicius Jr abusers

Carlo Ancelotti demands stronger action against Vinicius Jr abusers

Carlo Ancelotti feels it is "not enough" to condemn the racist abuse aimed at Vinicus Jr.

The Real Madrid winger has been subject to disgusting abuse by opposing supporters a number of times this season and Ancelotti called for stronger action to be taken against La Liga clubs to put an end to the issue.

The Real coach said: "Condemning this problem is not enough because you have to act and take actions and take measures for this problem to be solved and for these actions to stop.

"There are countries where you are not insulted during games. In England, for example, you don’t hear insults during the games because these issues have been resolved long ago.

"When certain teams were expelled from competitions they took measures and solved those situations. The measures were so harsh that right now, during games, you can hardly see any police at the stadiums because there are no insults. Here the situation is totally different, here it looks like we are going to war. Fortunately in England they have resolved this issue long ago by taking very drastic measures and actions."

Vinicus Jr was targeted during Real's weekend loss to Valencia as fans made monkey gestures and noises at the player and

it has been suggested that Vinicius Jr could leave the Spanish giants as a result of the abuse but Ancelotti is confident that he will stay.

He said: "Vinicius loves football and Vinicius loves Real Madrid. I think that he’s not really planning to leave, that’s not what he’s thinking here.

"His love for Real Madrid is so big that he wants to continue to play here, make history with this team and win titles for this club."

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