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KSI: Anthony Joshua would 'annihilate' Tyson Fury

KSI: Anthony Joshua would 'annihilate' Tyson Fury

KSI believes Anthony Joshua would "annihilate" Tyson Fury if they ever get in the ring together.

It's already been tipped to be the "biggest fight in British boxing history", but as of yet, the two heavyweights are yet to spar off.

However, AJ's boxing pal KSI believes that the "evil AJ" would come out if he ever did face off in the grudge bout.

Speaking to Misfits Boxing, KSI said: "There is a lot of bad blood with that.

"Honestly I think that fight would bring out the scary, evil AJ that is just spiteful. He'd come in like 'Finally, I get to put my hands on you' and just annihilate, dominate. I think it would be a good fight, Fury would try and do his thing, keep him at range to try and press him but I see AJ edging it."

KSI is set to fight Tyson's brother Tommy Fury at the Misfits Boxing 'Prime Card' on October 14 in Manchester.

He said: "It's always cool seeing AJ, he seems in good spirits after his very nice KO against [Robert] Helenius. He's just one of the boys, we were chilling and chatting whilst doing a bit of promo for DAZN for the Tommy Fury fight."

In a video message to AJ last year, Tyson said: "Anthony Joshua, I know you've just lost a fight to Usyk, and I know you're belt-less at the moment, and I'd like to give you an opportunity to fight me for the WBC heavyweight championship of the world and the lineal championship in the next few months."

He responded by saying he would be "ready in December" and they had agreed on a deal.

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