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Tommy Fury 'believes' he will become a world champion

Tommy Fury 'believes' he will become a world champion

Tommy Fury is convinced that he will win a boxing world title.

The 'Love Island' star declared his intention to return to traditional boxing after his victory against YouTuber KSI last month and is adamant that he can become a world champion as "far worse" fighters than himself have done so.

Fury told Daily Mail Sport Boxing: "The plan is always to challenge for that top strap because I wouldn't feel right in myself to leave the sport and not even try to win the world title. I do believe I will win one because I've seen far worse people win them.

"We're going to make the most of this and once it's all said and done, I'll challenge the top boys and see where we go."

The fighter was recently called out by the cruiserweight world champion Jai Opetaia and Fury thinks it is "good" that some of the sport's top competitors are noticing him.

Responding the Opetaia, he said: "I bet he would wouldn't he. Mr unified world champion against a 10 and 0 novice. It's good though isn't it, a world champion at the pinnacle like that, he's talking about a guy who is a novice that didn't have an amateur background, it's really good. It's funny. It's good to be in this position.

"It's very good, I don't recall this happening before where world champions are wanting to fight people at the bottom of the pecking order who've had 10 fights and aren't in contention for anything. It's funny and I'm happy to be in that position, we all know why he would take that fight."

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