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Smartphone car parking

Driving a car remotely seemed like the stuff of James Bond films in 'Tomorrow Never Dies', but it's becoming a reality.

In the 1997 movie, Pierce Brosnon's take on the fictional spy used his Erikson mobile phone to drive his BMW 750iL, and from next month, British road users will be allowed to do the same to help park their cars.

The Department for Transport hopes it will help drivers get into tight spaces, while there will be benefits for people with mobility problems.

The department said: "Currently the regulation stipulates that drivers may not hold a mobile device while in their vehicle.

"The proposed update (to the law and the Highway Code) will to allow drivers to use their remote control parking device.

"They will need to be within six metres of their vehicle. It is important to note that while advanced driver assistance technology will benefit British road users, drivers must continue to maintain overall control of their vehicle."

The systems are having a huge impact on driving, and the latest advancement has continued to gather support.

Transport minister Jesse Norman added: "Advanced driver assistance systems are already starting to revolutionise driving.

"It's encouraging to see the strong support for these innovations from a range of stakeholders.

"We will continue to review our driving laws, in order to ensure drivers can enjoy the potential of these new tools safely."

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