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Japan's tourism set to reach pre-pandemic levels in 2023

Japan's travel and tourism are set to reach pre-pandemic levels in 2023.

The East Asian country's Travel and Tourism sector’s contribution to GDP (Gross domestic product) was 7.3% (¥40.8 trillion) in 2019, and fell to just 3.5% (¥18.4 trillion) the following year in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak but the future is said to be looking "much brighter" as time rolls on into 2023.

Julia Simpson, WTTC President CEO, said: “After the pain suffered by Japan’s Travel Tourism, the outlook for the future is much brighter. Following two years of restrictions to mobility, which damaged the sector, there are reasons for optimism as the sector is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel."

However, the CEO went on to explain that there is still "work to be done" to boost Japan's economy and added that eradicating the need to test for COVID-19 in order to gain entry into the country would be of great help.

She told BTN: "But there is still work to be done. Removing testing and facilitating international travel will further boost the sector’s growth and fast-track the recovery!"

Meanwhile, the global tourism body’s latest EIR report also revealed that that 2021 saw the beginning of the recovery for Japan’s Travel and Tourism secto and since 2021 its contribution to GDP has reportedly climbed 22.9% year on year, to reach a total of ¥22.7 trillion.

The sector is also said to have witnessed a recovery of more than 210,000 Travel and Tourism jobs, which represents a rise of 4% to reach 5.5 million

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