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Disneyland 'bans filming and streaming' on certain rides

Disneyland 'bans filming and streaming' on certain rides

Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park has reportedly banned filming and streaming on certain attractions.

A social media influencer has claimed he was prohibited from recording on rides at the theme parks as the resorts try to clamp down on an activity other guests sometimes find intrusive or an invasion of privacy.

Vlogger and TikToker @thecrashz3r0 said in a video: "I guess they’re starting to crack down on a lot of streamers.

“When I got on [Roger Rabbit’s Toontown Spin], I wasn’t going to record nothing. I took my phone out because I didn’t want to sit on it.”

However, he claimed that straight away, a Disney cast member warned him that "no filming" and "no streaming" was allowed on the ride.

He added: "Roger Rabbit is the second ride here in Toontown [to ban filming]. Because [Chip ‘N’ Dale’s GADGETcoaster], you’re no longer allowed to record or stream on it as well.”

He insisted the theme park was slowly "cracking down" on footage from certain attractions.

He said: "This is cracking down little by little for people recording and streaming on certain rides."

There have been issues with Disney live streamers in the past, despite most simply trying to spread the magic to fans at home.

However, one live streamer was previously called out after walking through a gift shop and making racist remarks while on camera.

There are also potential safety issues if someone drops their phone on a ride.

Tokyo Disney Resort has already put strict limitations on filming and bans on certain equipment which has all but stopped people from streaming and vlogging at the park.

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