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Contiki launch Gifter programme

Contiki have launched their Gifter campaign, which rewards graduates with travel.

The international tour company have unveiled their brand new programme, which is aimed at people who want to buy trips for the young people in their life.

A study found that 30 percent of bookings that go through the travel company are for a younger person and the gift can come from the likes of parents, grandparents, cousins or aunties and uncles.

Sheralyn Berry, Vice President of Sales for Contiki Canada, said: "Travel is something that every young Canadian should have the opportunity to experience. For parents wishing to send their loved ones abroad solo for the first time but are hesitant to, rest assured that by travelling with Contiki, they will be in good hands travelling with like-minded individuals and experiencing the world for themselves, hassle free."

Contiki are well known for providing holidays for millennials, with the company organising 300 trips in over 50 countries worldwide. There are eight different travel styles to choose from and a team from Contiki alongside them every step of the way.

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that millennials choose to splurge on their holidays rather than save money for their retirement.

A study by Schofields Insurance has found that young people are willing to spend their money on lavish vacations rather than put it aside for their future.

Phil Schofield, head of inbound marketing at Schofields, said: "I have to admit to being a little astonished by these results. We have recently seen a lot of news coverage around how millennials are making more and more decisions guided by how their life would appear online and so we thought we would see how much they let their portrayed social media presence affect their real life."

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