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Japan has powerful passports

Japanese passport holders own the most powerful passport in the world.

It has been revealed that people from Japan have the best level of freedom of travel than anywhere else in the world as they can travel the most countries - 189 in total - without needing to have a visa. This compares to second placed Singapore and Germany, who allow their passport holders to travel to 188 destinations without a visa.

In third place is South Korea, Finland, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden, where you can travel to 187 countries whilst the UK, the US, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal are in fourth place with a list of 186 countries to travel to visa-less.

Dr Christian H. Kälin, Group Chairman of Henley & Partners, who created the index using data from the International Air Transport Association, said: "Countries such as China and the UAE that are rapidly ascending the Henley Passport Index remind us that opening your borders to others results in reciprocal benefits and improved passport strength for your own citizens. The countries that perform well on the index are those that are embracing new models of global citizenship and adapting to, rather than shrinking away from, an increasingly globalised world. The index is a useful yardstick for intergovernmental policies and progress, and we expect to see further exciting developments with each quarterly update."

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