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Majority of travel isn't influenced by social media

Only 15 per cent of travellers say their choice of destination is influenced by social media.

Whilst most travel enthusiasts now rely on photo sharing sites like Instagram to make a bucket list of where they want to head to, it only has a direct effect of 15 per cent of people when it comes to actually selecting their holiday destination. And the study also found that only eight per cent of people worry about the political ethics, human rights practices and prejudices when deciding where to travel to next, new research by CMO Council's GeoBranding Center and AIG Travel has found.

In fact, holidaymakers are more worried about getting the best deal or discount as 50 per cent said it would be a deciding factor in choosing to purchase their holiday whilst 29 per cent of people were influenced by their family and friends, 21 per cent by images and videos and a further 21 per cent by interesting articles.

Meanwhile, when it comes specifically to millennials, 83 per cent of millennial travellers confess to accessing social media at least once a day whilst 15 per cent of millennials uses these apps to seek advice and look for ratings on their destination and a further 11 per cent use it to compare prices. Only eight per cent make reservations with it.

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